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This success story focuses on how I worked with Merkle Science's co-founders, Mriganka Pattnaik and Nirmak A.K to build the marketing function from the ground up, contributing to 3X growth.  

How Effective Product Marketing Contributed to Merkle Science's 3X Growth 

As the first marketing hire at Merkle Science, I played a pivotal role in establishing the market function and significantly contributed to the company's growth and global expansion. My tenure at Merkle Science is marked by several key accomplishments. One of my successful initiatives at Merkle Science was the creation of the Merkle Science RegWatch - an initiative that positioned Merkle Science as a thought leader globally, generating more than 1200+ Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and contributing significantly to Merkle Science's 3X growth.


I played a key role in expanding Merkle Science's business from its initial base in Singapore to major markets such as the US, UK, Canada, and Europe through targeted product marketing initiatives. Leading the Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy for the launch of the Merkle Science Tracker was another milestone.


Additionally, I streamlined the communication process with our customers, incorporating regular product updates and feedback mechanisms, which successfully reduced the churn rate to below 5%. I also designed the early GTM strategy for Merkle Science, encompassing thought leadership, content marketing, lead generation, nurturing, and advertising. 

Reflecting on the Impact

Working at Merkle Science was a mix of challenges, learning, and significant accomplishments. Building a marketing function from scratch and witnessing the direct impact of our marketing strategies on a global scale was incredibly rewarding. It was a collaborative effort that not only spurred significant growth but also laid down a strong marketing foundation for Merkle Science's future.


Mriganka Pattnaik, Co-founder and CEO, Merkle Science

Manwendra was the first person to join Merkle Science's marketing team. He is entrepreneurial, an innovative thinker, and has a strong bias to action. He has good insight into B2B marketing and cybersecurity and was very quickly able to pick up the crypto AML industry and identify opportunities for growth. He has good strategic thinking, understands scale and was part of our journey as we grew 300%. I would highly recommend Manwendra for a leadership role in marketing


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