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GTM Strategy

Increase market share and achieve sustainable growth with tailored GTM strategies


Businesses often find it challenging to devise a Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy that effectively launches their product, captures market share, and promotes long-term growth.


With experience leading GTM strategies for five product launches and significantly expanding global market presence for Merkle Science and Radware, resulting in 2X and 3X revenue growth respectively, my tailored GTM approach helps businesses like yours transition from cash-burning cycles to a path of sustainable growth.


Mriganaka Pattnaik,
Co-founder & CEO, Merkle Science

Manwendra has good insight into B2B marketing and cybersecurity and was very quickly able to pick up the crypto AML industry and identify opportunities for growth. He has good strategic thinking, understands scale and was part of our journey as we grew 300%. 

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